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The Intermission: Grad Show


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Industry Reception


Doors Open



The Liberty Grand

25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto

The Intermission is the 2016 York/Sheridan Program in Design’s annual showcase of the best work produced by its graduating class. It is a night for the industry to connect with emerging designers and explore their works, and for students to celebrate their past four years of hard work with you!

Getting to the Show

Getting to the Show

29 Dufferin → Saskatchewan Rd
504 King → Dufferin St
509 Harbourfront → Manitoba Dr
Lakeshore West → Exhibition
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the show free?

Yes, absolutely. However, we do help fund the event through sponsorships. If you’re interested in supporting this or future years, get in touch.

What can I expect to see and do at the show?

The show is an opportunity to browse the work and meet in-person with grads from one of Canada’s top design programs.

Will there be drinks?

Yes, we’ll have a cash bar available throughout the night.

What is the 'Industry Reception' portion of the show?

We dedicate a part of the night exclusively to people working in the design and creative industries. All students will be there to answer any questions about their work and experience. No ticket or registration is required.

I'll be at FITC on April 19th. Can I still come?

Definitely! The FITC schedule ends at 6pm on April 19th. We’re open until 11pm, so there’s lots of time if you’d like to swing by in the evening.

Where can I park my car?

There is a parking area located beside the Liberty Grand that will be available.

Come Meet the Cast!

Let us know if you're coming on Facebook and add the event to your calendar. We hope to see you there!

Grad Show Liberty Grand, TorontoApril 19
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How Maisie Ross Get Save (Excerpt)

Project 2 | An Excerpt from Alfred Pragnell's How Maisie Ross Get Save from Jasmine Rock on Vimeo.

This video is an excerpt from Barbadian comedian Alfred Pragnell’s story ‘How Maisie Ross Get Save’. I wanted to show the culture of the time and place (mid-twentieth century) in the typeface, the type setting and imagery. The naivety of the characters and the country atmosphere comes through in the typography.

That’s why the type is made up of sugar cane, old-fashioned cloth, soil, wood, and leather. I chose an unsophisticated style of typesetting that is irregularly spaced and misaligned.

I kept the Barbadian (Bajan) slang to stay true to the culture of Barbados and to the storytelling style Pragnell uses.

I wasn’t sure that the pacing would be understandable with the fast rate of speech. I timed each word to show as soon as he spoke or a fraction of a second later. However, I showed it to my mother and grandmother, who were born and raised in Barbados, and they could read the type and follow the animation.

This project led to some interesting conversations with my mom about Barbadian life. We talked about chattel houses, tenantries and growing sugar cane. I learned a little bit more about my heritage because of this project.